A General Report

The central idea of this film originated in the same context in which it intends to situate itself: a complete lack of information, a result of an inaccessibility to mass media by important opinion sectors in the country. Cinema can contribute to increase the degree of awareness of the subjects that are essential for the future of our coexistence as citizens. This feature length film is not meant to be a documentary on the immediate past, but rather, the opposite. It is intended to be a reflection on and an approximation to our reality starting with the present, in which there undoubtedly have been substantial changes in both atmosphere and rhythm and in the creation process to which the whole country is committed. This work is conceived of as a screen where, on the one hand we can offer the spectator the possibility of receiving certain specific and precise information and on the other, the opportunity to be present at the development of a critical and polemic process in the form of dialogues and debates held by certain persons who collaborated and participated in making this film, concerning only one subject: how to go from a dictatorship to a fully democratic state.

Autor:Pere Portabella