Recent releases of Vampir-Cuadecuc

Recently, several DVD, Bluray and VoD editions of Vampir-Cuadecuc have been released. Considered by many a masterpiece of cinematic history, it was filmed in 1970 by Pere Portabella during the shooting of Jesús Franco’s film “Count Dracula” starring Christopher Lee and Soledad Miranda.

“Vampir” is an artifact that defies categorization. It deconstructs narrative cinema’s rulebook about representation by plunging the viewer into a radical experience. The film was shot within a totally alternative and compromised production framework: unlawfully, in direct opposition to the regime’s administrative requirements, with low budget equipment, expired film stock, and sound negative. In the American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum’s words, it was “the most original movie at the (Cannes) festival and the most sophisticated in its audacious modernism. One of the most beautiful movies ever made about anything.

Available editions:

UK & Ireland: DVD and BR, edited by Second Run

US & Canada: VoD, Grasshopper Film

France, Belgium, Switzerland: DVD, edited by Blaq Out

France, Belgium, Switzerland: VoD, Universciné

Spain: DVD, edited by Cameo

Spain: VoD, Filmin

Worldwide: VoD, Mubi

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