Acció Santos

|color|12 min

Acció Santos is one of Portabella's characteristic shorts that is immersed in conceptual art and the self-analysis of the artistic languages of the sixties. The film is divided into two large segments. The first is made up of a couple of fixed shots of the pianist, Carles Santos, playing the Prelude Op.45 in C sharp minor by Frederick Chopin. The second segment shows him listening to this own recording from a loudspeaker until he dons the headphones, therefore letting silence take over the film and consequently also over the audience in the movie theatre. The lenght of the silent shot is for the duration of the prelude.

Technical data

  • Producer: Films 59
  • Director: Pere Portabella
  • Music: Prelude Op.45 in C sharp minor by Frederick Chopin played by Carles Santos
  • Photograpy: Manel Esteban
  • Laboratory: Fotofilm S.A.E.
  • Sound Studio: Sonoblok

Artistic data

  • Actors: Carles Santos