Miró Forja

|color|24 min

The film was conmissioned by the Galeria Maeght to commemorate the Joan Miró exhibit organized by the French Minsitry of Cultural Affairs in the Grand Palais in Paris that opened on May 17, 1974. The film, that took five days to shoot, shows the smelting and casting process of the work known as Puertas Mallorquinas by Joan Miró. The filming team travelled to the foundry owned by the Parellada family in Llinars de Munt. The bronze sculptures weigh 1200, 800 and 650 kilos respectively and were cast in one piece in a kiln specially constructed for the occasion.

Technical data

  • Producer: Films 59
  • Director: Pere Portabella
  • Script: Pere Portabella
  • Photograpy: Manel Esteban
  • 1st Assistant Director: Anne M. Settimó
  • Unit Manager: Jordi Cunill
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Pere Joan Ventura