|color|20 min

Mudanza (Removal) came to be made after the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist asked for involvement in the Huerta de San Vicente, the home and museum of the García-Lorca family in Granada.

The film records the removal of furniture and objects from the building, leaving visitors able to move freely amongst its empty spaces and a silence charged with feeling and resonance and the take from the experience whatever the y demand from it - thus making poet Federico García Lorca's emotive and historic absence ever more powerful, evident and heartfelt.

With the collaboration of the Fundación Federico García Lorca, the Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones Culturales (SECC), appointed to the Ministerio de Cultura, organisers of Everstill/Siempretodavía in Spain.

Technical data

  • Producer: Films 59
  • Director: Pere Portabella
  • Script: Pere Portabella
  • Photograpy: Elisabeth Prandi
  • Sound: Albert Manera
  • Re-Recording Mixing: Ricard Casals
  • Production Manager: Pasqual Otal
  • 1st Assistant Director: Jordi Vidal Amorós
  • Production Assistant: Estitxu Elizasu
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Jaume Avizanda
  • Steady Cam: Joan Morató
  • Gaffer: Juan González
  • Grip: Charli Guerrero
  • Boom Operator: Biel Cabré
  • Post Production: Apunto Lapospo
  • Sound Studio: El camaleón sonido



  • Still Life